2020 - 2021 Catalog 
    Jun 23, 2024  
2020 - 2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Directory of Personnel

Board of Trustees

Carboneli, Karen Chairperson
Combs, Esther Trustee
Deuling-Ravell, Carol Trustee
Hinrichs, Patricia Trustee
Kitchenmaster, Joyce Secretary
Marston, Robert Vice Chairperson
Peterson, Kurt Treasurer  

Administrative Staff

Alexander, Debra; M.A. Dean of Student & Enrollment Services
Anderson, Danielle; M.S.N.  Dean of Nursing and Health Careers
Battreall, Harmony; B.B.A. Director of Apprenticeships & Workforce Training 
Brinks, Rogena; A.A.S. Digital Communications Specialist
Cook, Lori; B.S. Lab Supervisor Computer Information Systems
Daws, Darcella; A.A.A.S. Administrative Systems Manager
Davis, John Auxiliary Services Manager
Dimet, Emily; B.B.A. Admissions Representative
Edelman, Vladimir; B.B.A. Research Analyst
Gardner, Lisa; B.B.A. Director of Student Success & Advising
Hatto, Susan; M.S. Dean for Industrial Education & Workforce Training
Herrick, Jessica; B.A. Director of Financial Aid
Jensen, Riki; M.S.A. Director of Human Resources
Kemperman, Kurtis; B.A. Creative Director
Kieffer, Ryan; B.S. Lab Supervisor-Science
Kohn, David Associate Director of Information Technology Services
Lund, Lisa; M.S. Executive Director for Institutional Advancement and MCCF
Male, Taylor; B.S. Director of Facilities
Middleton, Rodney; A.A.A.S. Director of Information Technology Services
Rogers, Tim; A.A.A.S. Industrial Technology Lab Coordinator
Spohr, Robert; M.A. Vice President for Academic Affairs
Stewart, Connie; M.B.A. Vice President for Administrative Services
Strautz-Springborn, Shelly; B.S. Communications Director
Thompson, Dolores; B.S. Staff Accountant
Tripp, Shannon; M.A. Director of Early College at MCC
Wagenmaker, Kevin; M.A. Instructional Technology Consultant
Wierda, Kire; B.S. Director of Accounting
Young, Stacy; Ph.D. President

Full-time Faculty

Adkison, Donald; M.S. Physical Science/Math
Bishop, Bill; M.A. Business 
Brown, James; Ed.D. Computer Information Systems
Bunting, Brandy; M.A. Counselor
Cogswell, Lisa; M.S.N. Allied Health & Nursing
Cook, Jennifer; M.S.N. Nursing
Dawson-Gunther, Deborah; M.S. Automation & Advanced Industrial Technology
DeLong, Kenric; M.A. Social Sciences
Diehl, Kristen; M.A. CIS Lab Coordinator
Drake, Syreeta; M.S.N. Nursing & Health Careers
Gibson, Michelle; Ph.D. Biology
Haverdink, Lisa; Ed.D. Nursing
Holt, Kim; M.S.N. Nursing
Hopkins, Jamie; M.A. Language Arts
Johnson, Katey; M.A.  Mathematics
Klooster, Elizabeth; Ph.D. Economics
Lodholtz, Brianne; M.A. Mathematics
Long, Daniel; M.A. Mathematics
Murr, Peter Advanced Manufacturing & Welding Technology
Neal, Leslie; M.S. Speech & Communications 
Skogseth, Greta; M.A. Language Arts/Humanities
Skogseth, Tore; M.A. Counselor
Small, Bill; M.M. Industrial Technology
Smith, Scott; M.A. Chemistry
Snyder, Jessica; M.S. Psychology
Stancil, Benjamin; M.A. Dual Enrollment English Instructor/Coordinator
Sutton, Seth; B.A. Digital Arts
Walden, Chad; M.A. Language Arts
Wesp, Heather; M.A. Biology
Zamarron, Tracy; M.S.N. Nursing
Zdanowski, Amy; M.A. Career Advisor

For contact information, please reference the online directory.