2023-2024 Catalog 
    Feb 29, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog
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TDSN 115 - Introduction to CAD

4 Credit: (2 lecture, 2 lab, 0 clinical) 4 Contact Hours:

This course is an introduction to computer aided drafting, design and manufacturing. CAD software is used to create three-dimensional models of solid objects. Part models can then be used in assembly models. Traditional CAD drawings are also produced from the part models. Designs will be used to create parts.
OFFERED: fall semesters

Course Goals/ Objectives/ Competencies:
 Goal 1:  Manipulate CAD software functions.

  1. Create directories.
  2. Create subdirectories.
  3. Transfer files between USB drive, and subdirectories.
  4. Save files.
  5. Use Menus and Toolbars.
  6. Use Features Manager.
  7. Use View Toolbar.
  8. Edit the Properties Manager.
  9. Use Mouse Gestures.
  10. Use Command Manager.
  11. Use the help function.
  12. Use keyboard command functions.
  13. Use Delete function.
  14. Use Undo function.
  15. Set units of measurement. 

Goal 2:  Create Three-Dimensional Solids.

  1. Create 2d fully constrained sketches.
  2. Create reference geometry.
  3. Create relations.
  4. Create solid feature using Extrude.
  5. Create solid feature using Revolve.
  6. Create solid feature using Sweep.
  7. Create solid feature using Loft.
  8. Create solid feature using Extrude Cut.
  9. Create solid feature using Revolve Cut.
  10. Create solid feature using Sweep Cut.
  11. Create solid feature using Loft Cut.
  12. Create Linear patterns.
  13. Create fillets and chamfers.
  14. Use the Hole Wizard.   

Goal 3:  Create a Three-Dimensional Assembly.

  1. Create an assembly of multiple parts.
  2. Learn how to mate two or more parts together.
  3. Learn different methods of mating parts.
  4. Learn different methods of assembling parts.
  5. Learn to add standard components to the assembly.   

Goal 4:  Creat two-dimensional drawings.

  1. Learn to create multiple view drawings.
  2. Learn to create ISO Views.
  3. Learn to dimension.
  4. Learn how to create and cut different sections.
  5. Create Title Blocks.
  6. Create and fill in Tolerance Block.
  7. Learn to edit the part solid by changing the two-dimensional drawing.

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