2022-2023 Catalog 
    Jul 21, 2024  
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ARTS 125 - Painting I

3 Credit: (1 lecture, 3 lab, 0 clinical) 4 Contact Hours:

This studio course includes basic instruction in color mixing and the techniques of painting with oils or acrylics. Studio work is in the students’ chosen medium.
OFFERED: spring semesters

Course Goals/ Objectives/ Competencies:
Goal 1:  Apply principles of drawing and composition.

  1. Compare sizes.
  2. Compare shapes.
  3. Compare textures.
  4. Examine emphasis.
  5. Compare types of balance.
  6. Examine unity.

Goal 2:  Create successful paintings.

  1. Apply different materials.
  2. Apply different tools.
  3. Apply different techniques.

Goal 3:  Apply basic color theory.

  1. Examine primary colors.
  2. Examine secondary colors.
  3. Examine tertiary colors.
  4. Apply color harmony.
  5. Apply color context.

Goal 4:  Apply the components of a simple still life.

  1. Apply lighting.
  2. Apply shapes.
  3. Apply shading.
  4. Apply detailing.

Goal 5:  Examine artists.

  1. Compare artists’ thoughts and work.
  2. Match works of art to artists.
  3. Identify time periods of arts and artists.

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