2022-2023 Catalog 
    Feb 01, 2023  
2022-2023 Catalog
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ENGL 101 - Freshman English II

3 Credit: (3 lecture, 0 lab, 0 clinical) 3 Contact Hours: [ENGL 100 ]

This extension of ENGL 100  emphasizes incorporating research into written work, elaborating upon analytical skills, employing skills of persuasion and argumentation, and developing the ability to discuss concepts encountered in reading and research of social and cultural perspectives.  
OFFERED: every semester

Course Goals/ Objectives/ Competencies:
Goal 1:  Students will develop skills of persuasion and argumentation.


  1. Students will write organized, logical essays. 
  2. Students will choose arguments appropriate to the essay’s target audience.
  3. Students will recognize and avoid logical fallacies.
  4. Students will understand that persuasion encompasses emotional, logical, and ethical elements.
  5. Students will revise through drafts based upon peer feedback, self-reflection, and instructor comments.

Goal 2:  Students will develop analytical skills.


  1. Students will write summaries of essays and research.
  2. Students will evaluate primary and secondary sources.
  3. Students will evaluate the appropriateness of research sources.
  4. Students will analyze the arguments of written and visual texts.

Goal 3:  Students will incorporate research into the essays they write.


  1. Students will craft questions that guide research, making their process manageable and likely to yield insights.
  2. Students will summarize, paraphrase, and synthesize research material.
  3. Students will integrate evidence in their own thinking in a way that complicates (develops, refines, extends, refutes, and deepens) their own ideas.
  4. Students will acknowledge the use of others’ ideas through MLA parenthetical citations and works cited style.

Goal 4:  Students will engage in discussion of concepts guided by reading, research, and writing.


  1. Students will present research findings and their implications.
  2. Students will use research to inform and enhance their own insights.
  3. Students will respond meaningfully to diverse perspectives. 

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