2022-2023 Catalog 
    Apr 12, 2024  
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CPGM 110 - Introduction to Java Programming

4 Credit: (2 lecture, 2 lab, 0 clinical) 4 Contact Hours: [CMIS 101  and Math Level 3 ]

This course introduces the fundamental programming concepts and techniques in Java and is intended for all who plan to use computer programming in their studies and careers. Topics covered include control structures, arrays, functions, recursion, simple data structures, files, and structured program design. Elements of object-oriented design and programming are also introduced.
OFFERED: spring semesters

Course Goals/ Objectives/ Competencies:
Goal 1:  Understand the basic concepts and principles of structured programming.

  1. Define programming structures.
  2. Explain Sequence.
  3. Demonstrate Selection using If statements.
  4. Demonstrate Selection using If then Else statements.
  5. Demonstrate Selection using Nested If structures.
  6. Demonstrate Repetition using Do While statements.
  7. Demonstrate Repetition using Do While statements.
  8. Demonstrate Repetition using Do Until statements.
  9. Demonstrate Repetition using For Next statements.
  10. Demonstrate Repetition using Selection statements.
  11. Demonstrate Repetition using Nested looping structures.
  12. Define program variables.

Goal 2:  Understand the basic concepts and principles of object-oriented programming.

  1. Write Static Methods.
  2. Create Math & Character classes.
  3. Create String & Random classes.
  4. Write Classes.
  5. Write Instantiable classes.
  6. Use Accessors & mutators.
  7. Use Classes with Arrays.

Goal 3:  Produce sample use-cases, pseudocode, and an incremental coding plan for a given problem speciation.

  1. Develop a program algorithm using Output, Input, Process.
  2. Develop a program algorithm using Variables.
  3. Develop a program algorithm using Operators and Assignments.
  4. Translate program algorithms into Java.

Goal 4:  Design, write, and test a Java program to implement a solution to a given problem specification.

  1. Apply desk checking techniques to analyze program algorithms.
  2. Differentiate between syntactical and logical coding errors.
  3. Create IPO Charts to define program parameters.

Goal 5:  Develop programs using the Java programming environment.

  1. Create Arithmetic operators.
  2. Create Constants.
  3. Create Strings.
  4. Create Statements.
  5. Identify Data Types.
  6. Develop One and two-dimensional Arrays.
  7. Create Recursions.
  8. Create Polymorphisms.
  9. Demonstrate Exception handling.

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