2024-2025 Catalog 
    May 18, 2024  
2024-2025 Catalog

Directory of Personnel

Board of Trustees

Carboneli, Karen Chairperson
Combs, Esther; Ph.D Trustee
Deuling-Ravell, Carol Vice Chairperson
Herald, Lisa Assistant Secretary
Kitchenmaster, Joyce Secretary
Marston, Robert Trustee
Peterson, Kurt Treasurer  
Stewart, Connie Interim President
Stump, Joshua Trustee
Weirda, Kire Assistant Treasurer

Administrative Staff

Barnwell, Alexandria; B.A. Communications Coordinator
Beckett, Kayla; A.A.S. Admissions Representative
Bussler, David; B.S.   Industrial Technology Systems Engineer
Cook, Lori; B.S. Lab Supervisor Computer Information Systems
Davis, John Auxiliary Services Manager
Edelman, Vladimir; B.B.A. Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness
Fosgard, Steven; M.Ed.
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Gardner, Lisa; M.S. Director of Student Success & Advising
Glaza, Amanda; M.Ed. Assistant Athletic Director & Student Success Coach
Hansen, Sara; B.A. Student Success Coach
Jensen, Riki; M.S.A. Director of Human Resources
Kemperman, Kurtis; B.A. Creative Director
Kieffer, Ryan; B.S. Lab Supervisor-Science
Kohn, David Director of Information Technology Services
Lund, Lisa; M.S. Executive Director for the MCCF
Male, Taylor; B.S. Director of Operations
Morris, Nicole; MSN, APRN Nursing and Allied Health Instructor
Muilenburg, Taryn; B.S. Admissions Representative
Ramirez, Francisco; M.Ed. Dean of Student & Enrollment Services
Redman, Hunter; M.B.A.  Athletic Director
Interim: Jenifer Stimson Director of Financial Aid
Smith, Jennifer; A.A.A.S. Clinical & Lab Coordinator
Stewart, Connie; M.B.A. Interim President
Stimson, Jennifer; B.S. Financial Aid Coordinator
Strautz-Springborn, Shelly; B.S. Communications & Public Relations Director
Strobel, Michael; B.S. Informational Technology Systems Analyst
Taylor, Tracey; M.A. Dean for Occupational Programs & Workforce Development
Thompson, Dolores; B.S. Staff Accountant
Tripp, Shannon; M.A. Associate Superintendent CTE/Early College
Wagenmaker, Kevin; M.A. Director of Instructional Innovation
Wierda, Kire; B.S. Director of Accounting
Yuhas, Adam
Industrial Technology Lab Coordinator
Zamarron, Tracy; M.S.N. Dean of Health & Human Services

Full-time Faculty

Adkison, Donald; M.S. Physical Science/Math
Bishop, Bill; M.A. Business 
Bunting, Brandy; M.A. Counselor
Cogswell, Lisa; M.S.N. Allied Health & Nursing
Cook, Jennifer; M.S.N. Nursing
Dawson-Gunther, Deborah; M.S. Automation & Advanced Industrial Technology
Diehl, Kristen; M.A. CIS Lab Coordinator
Drake, Syreeta; M.S.N. Nursing & Health Careers
Gibson, Michelle; Ph.D Biology
Holt, Kim; M.S.N. Nursing
Johnson, Katey; M.A.  Mathematics
Keiffer, Tabitha; M.S.N.  Nursing and Health Careers
Klooster, Elizabeth; Ph.D Economics
Lodholtz, Brianne; M.A. Mathematics
Long, Daniel; M.A. Mathematics
Martin, Andrea; M.A. Social Science
Morris, Nicole; MSN, APRN  
Nursing and Allied Health Instructor
Neal, Leslie; Ed. D. Speech & Communication
Nielson, Andrew; B.S. Advanced Manufacturing & Welding Technology
Pedelty, Jeffrey; M.S.E.D Advanced Industrial Technology
Rittersdorf, Sara; M.A. Chemistry
Skogseth, Greta; M.A. Language Arts/Humanities
Skogseth, Tore; M.A. Counselor
Snyder, Jessica; M.S. Psychology
Stancil, Benjamin; M.A. Dual Enrollment English Instructor/Coordinator
Sutton, Seth; M.A. Digital Arts
Wesp, Heather; M.A. Biology
Zdanowski, Amy; M.A. Career Advisor

For contact information, please reference the online directory.